Direct Connect Reservation System

Web-fares was originally established to design a revolutionary system which provides airlines a long term solution for reducing distribution costs. This system, which can be utilized on a global basis, is made up of three basic components:

  • Direct Connectivity – bypassing GDS environments
  • Controls & Security – designed to eliminate system abuse and manipulation
  • Dynamic & Bid Pricing

Ultimately it will allow the airline direct access to each and every internet user, worldwide.

This solution interfaces directly to the Airline, thereby ensuring total confidentiality as no market information is available, via GDS or other reports, to the airline’s competitors. The system can be integrated into existing distribution channels while providing a transition into new, innovative forms of distribution.

This proprietary software has been in development for several years. The system is now mature and is ready for installation. Once installed it will allow the airline to develop and implement a distribution network, giving the airline total control of all it’s distribution channels.